New Infographic Takes a Look at Clowns in Modern Horror!


Thanks in no small part to Stephen King’s IT, Coulrophobia is running absolutely rampant lately and this new infographic from the fine folks over at the Chamber of Horrors NYC have created a neat infographic that takes a look at this crazy, crazy, craze! Dig it!

Clowns are a standard in the our pop culture and they are loved by all. From a young age, clowns have always been there to entertain us on television and help to sell us Happy Meals. Clowns are a staple of a child’s birthday party with the crazy colored hair, the big feet, bright clothes, and blow up balloon animals making kids laugh. The party clowns get the kids excited with party games and songs at the same time hyping them up with candy and exhausting them so they sleep on the car ride home. And what would a circus be if it weren’t for the clowns and their horns, exaggerated moves and tiny cars that seem to fit hundreds of them. Everyone loves a clown, right? RIGHT???



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