Henriksen Conquers Sasquatch Mountain


That Lance Henriksen must really dig Bigfoot. Every time you turn around ol’ Lance is turning up in a Sasquatch movie. He already survived Sasquatch, wasn’t so lucky in Abominable, and now he’s bracing for a rubber match with Bigfoot in Devil on the Mountain. Henriksen plays a lonely tow-truck driver who becomes caught in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse between a pair of stranded bank robbers with a beautiful female hostage, local law enforcement, and a certain hairy man-beast that has come down from the Arizona mountains to stalk human prey.

Directed by Steven R. Monroe (House of 9, It Waits), the film also stars Cabin Fever‘s Cerina Vincent, Trancer hunter Tim Thomerson, Opie’s dad Rance Howard, Body Double star Craig Wasson, and high kicking ex-“Acapulco H.E.A.T.” co-star Michael Worth.

Now, because the folks in charge of the Sci-Fi Channel are smarter than you or me, they’ve changed the film’s title. Apparently concerned that viewers will either be turned off by the prospects of a movie about a devil on a mountain or because they worry that viewers will be upset if they tune in to watch the film only to find realize that the monster is a Bigfoot and not an actual devil… or perhaps they just want to make sure to pull in the Bigfoot enthusiast demographic out there, the Sci-Fi Channel has changed the film’s title to the less ambiguous Sasquatch Mountain. Personally, I think that makes it sound like a 1970’s family film about some kids that befriend Bigfoot with Claude Akins playing their kindly disbelieving grandfather and Marjoe Gortner as a greedy land developer. But then my vote doesn’t count; Sasquatch Mountain it is.

The Sci-Fi Channel premiere of Sasquatch Mountain is slated for Saturday, September 9th at the usual start time of 9/8 Central with a midnight repeat to follow and another replay the following Wednesday night also at 9/8 Central.

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