Killer Clowns Head to the UK in Clownface


With all the clown-related hullabaloo as of late, it’s only fair that the UK should also get in on some of the action. Which is why you should help support the British movie Clownface on Kickstarter.

In the British Midlands an urban legend stalks the residents of a suburban town, an individual with no known identity beyond the grinning mask of flesh he wears…

CLOWNFACE offers a combination of psychological terror and Eighties-influenced slasher carnage. Exploring themes of sadomasochistic desire, revenge, and trauma, CLOWNFACE is a horror film that draws from both dramatic thrillers and brutal slasher movies to bring you a unique and unsettling experience. Filmed in and around Birmingham in the UK, CLOWNFACE draws on a wealth of local and national talent to bring its tale of terror to life.

CLOWNFACE is produced by Hellbound Media, in association with Great Escape Films. The feature film debut for Hellbound Media, CLOWNFACE is produced by Mark Adams (My Bloody Banjo, Carnival of Sorrows) and directed by Alex Bourne (The House of Screaming Death).

Starring in the film are Hannah Douglas (U Want Me 2 Kill Him), Dani Tonks (Parasitic Twin), Richard Bucker (The House of Screaming Death; former UK Olympic athlete), Thomas Loone (Wuthering Heights), and Philip Bailey (“Doctor Who,” Carnival of Sorrows) as Clownface himself.

No one talks about the disappearances. People leave. Accidents happen. But the legends are true… this town is home to Clownface, and he’s ready for his next performance.

A year after the abduction of her friend Zoe, Jenna Carter is trying to put her life back together. But the arrival of Owen Reynolds, whose family members were slaughtered ten years earlier, brings up the past. Owen is certain that Clownface is real and has kept Zoe prisoner, the latest subject of the killer’s fascination with finding the perfect flesh.

Jenna, Owen, and Zoe must struggle for survival and to hold on to their own identities as they are stalked by the sadistic and brutal Clownface.



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