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MonsterMania! poster (click to see it larger!)Earlier this week a reader dropped us a line with the heads up on a new film heading into production that is sure to make fans of Monster House and the classic Universal Monsters smile from ear to ear.

The film is called MonsterMania! and is the offspring of the minds of British horror authors Michael Marshall Smith and Stephen Jones. MonsterMania! will be a full CG feature film that will come from Uli Meyer Animation, a company that has worked on everything from Space Jam to the new series of commercials for Charmin toilet paper… you know, the ones with the bears that are really, really enjoying wiping their assess with Charmin?

Back to the monsters. MonsterMania! is the story of young scientist Max van Helsing, who embarks on a life-changing quest to Eastern Europe based on his grandfather’s will. His path crosses with all the classic monsters: a werewolf, a lagoon creature, Frankenstein’s monster, and the ultimate evil, Dracula. You know, just once I would like the ultimate evil to be something other than Dracula in these ensemble shows…

The film went into production earlier this month with completion scheduled for 2008. You can keep an eye on how it’s going by hitting Uli Meyer’s blog, learn more about the company at its official site, and keep your eyes on the MonsterMania! site for a first look in a few short days!

Johnny Butane

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