First Casting News for Hills Sequel!


Michael Bailey Smith returns to the HillsAs is the case with all things Hollywood, when something makes money, it gets a sequel. This is especially true with our beloved genre, but sometimes said sequel is welcomed with open arms… but only if the original was worthy.

Alexandra Aja’s remake of The Hills Have Eyes is definitely what I’d call worthy, so when it was announced a few weeks back that Wes Craven was already working on a sequel, the fans were more than happy to open their arms for it. Assuming, of course, there’s no dog flashback in this one. One would assume it’d be too early in the game for casting to take place at this point, but one would be wrong.

Word has come down today from a very reliable source that Michael Bailey Smith is all set to return to the Hills, but not in the role of Pluto this time. According to what we were able to find out, Smith will be taking on an entirely different position in the mutant family this time, that of their leader. That is some badass news indeed.

As you may recall, Craven is writing the script with son Jonathan, and when it was first announced they were in talks with Deathwatch/Wilderness director Michael J. Bassett to direct, which would also be badass news if it comes to pass. Shooting is expected to start up this September in Morocco, so I’m sure we’ll have a confirmation by then!

Johnny Butane

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