Alamo Drafthouse Announces Clown-Only Screenings of IT; Dallas Hosted by Dread Central’s Mr. Dark


God bless those mad bastards at the Alamo Drafthouse. We all know IT is coming out, and we all know it’s gonna kick ass.

The Alamo Drafthouse is hitting the throttle and pushing things a little further in Austin and Dallas.

Both cities will see a clown-only screening of the film.  That’s right… you MUST be a clown to get into these screenings.  Nothing simple like a clown mask and street clothes either; we’re talking full-tilt clown or go home.  No juggling or other clown skill will be required, but they’re going to be strict on the criteria.

What’s more, the Dallas screening will be hosted by yours truly, and I’m hoping for mayhem!

Something like this.

Following the screening, the specially organized CLOWN FORCE will retire upstairs to the Vetted Well bar for a clown after-party and Klown Karaoke in one of the karaoke rooms.  I, for one, am hoping the Vetted Well will be packed with hipster millennials getting wasted on Moscow mules and taking selfies for Instagram, as tends to be the case on busy Saturday nights.  As the Clown Force descends upon the bar, I’m hoping for screams, chaos, terror. I want copper mugs thrown over the balcony as the neck-bearded drinkers flee in panic.

Guys, it’s gonna be really, really cool.

Tickets for the Austin screenings are available here, while tickets for the Cedars screening in Dallas are available here.

Come float with me, and make some history!



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