Exclusive: Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut – The Dark Beneath Trailer

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One of the coolest and most badass things about Jack Messitt’s Midnight Movie is the film within the film, The Dark Beneath. Now, In celebration of the release of Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut, we’ve nailed down the exclusive lost trailer for the faux film.

Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut stars Rebekah Brandes, who can also be seen in the upcoming flick Bellflower, which gained lots of buzz at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and is being released on August 5th.

Check out the trailer for The Dark Beneath below, but first, a word from Jack Messitt …

“As the movie in the movie, The Dark Beneath was crucial to the structure of Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut. To make the overall movie work, it needed to be a film with its own history – it’s own mythology.”

Messitt continues, “We started this mythology in Midnight Movie, but added a great deal with the additional scenes from the film in The Killer Cut. And then, we expanded the world of The Dark Beneath mythology even more with the creation of TheDarkBeneath.com. When crafting The Dark Beneath, we wanted to create the mythology of a horror movie that, while failing in its own box-office results, influenced a new wave of horror films.”

“Supposedly shot in 1964, Radford’s film was hugely influenced by Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. When he started The Dark Beneath, Radford set out to do what Hitchcock could not. His goal was to completely disregard the Hays Code as only an independent film could do. In doing so, Ted Radford’s one and only film was a box office failure, mainly because only a handful of theaters would show it. Radford’s incarceration soon after finishing the film did not help much either.”

“But The Dark Beneath would go on to be a huge influence of the films of the late 60s and early 70s,” Messitt tells us of his fictitious film. “Traces of The Dark Beneath can surely be found in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and other horror classics. Even the trailer for The Dark Beneath was influential. Compare its trailer with that of 1972’s horror hit The Last House on the Left.”

“With the mysterious disappearance of the inmates from the Newhaven Psych Hospital in 2006, a new interest in The Dark Beneath emerged. With this renewed interest, it was picked up by Inquisition Film, a low budget film distributer, and it made its way to the Avenue Theater.”

“And thus, Midnight Movie was born”

Exclusive: Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut - The Dark Beneath Trailer; Contest!

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