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Shadows of the Damned Live Chat on Tomorrow (June 21st)

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In a time when highly anticipated titles like Duke Nukem Forever have pretty much screwed the pooch, it figures that a little known game would surface and end up being the sleeper horror hit of the year!

On sale now, Shadows of the Damned is a grisly romp through Hell starring a lead character that’s half Max Cady from Cape Fear and half Tony Montana from Scarface. Think we’re kidding? Play it for yourself!

In celebration of the game’s launch, EA will be hosting a live chat on tomorrow, June 21st at 4pm PT/7pm ET. EA is inviting fans to tune in and ask producer Joel Wade their burning questions about Shadows of the Damned! Joel will also be showing off some incredible live gameplay during the chat so it will be worth watching even if you don’t have a question to ask. Hit up that link to join in on the fun!

Are you ready for your first road trip through Hell in Shadows of the Damned with producer Joel Wade? He’ll answer your questions as he shows off live gameplay on Tuesday, June 21st at 4pm PT/7pm ET.

Learn more about Shadows of the Damned at the official Shadows of the Damned website.

In closing … Don’t fuck with Garcia Hotspur!

shadamb - Shadows of the Damned Live Chat on Tomorrow (June 21st)

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