Clownhouse Molestation Survivor Nathan Forrest Winters Speaks Out in New Documentary


Former child actor Nathan Forrest Winters (Clownhouse) was the victim of the unspeakable… child molestation at the hands of an adult, one Victor Salva. Filmmaker Connar Frazier is helping Winters to turn his horrid experience into something positive; and that’s to be commended, celebrated, and revered.

Hear from Nathan himself about the project:

Hello, this is Nathan Forrest Winters. You may know me from my role as Casey in the 1987 film Clownhouse. I am a sexual abuse survivor. For six years of my childhood I was molested by writer/director Victor Salva, who I starred in two films by. Victor is best known for the ‘Jeepers Creepers’ franchise and Powder.

Towards the end of ’87 he was arrested on eleven counts of sexual abuse on me and others, convicted on four of the less severe. He was sentenced to three years in prison, for which he served a mere eighteen months in a rehabilitation facility in Napa Valley, California. A three-year sentence, eighteen months served, for crimes it took him six years to commit.

I am currently outlining a nationwide speaking tour at various key and pertinent venues to raise awareness, educate, and provide information and tools to stop sexual child abuse at all levels. The entire process will be documented for a film about my story conceived and helmed by my partner, filmmaker Connar Frazier. The film will show my journey from victim to survivor. It is my belief that we as a whole in this country have been too afraid to face such an unspeakable topic and continue to turn a blind eye, which has allowed these predators of our children to go unchecked for too long.


Just a few of many disturbing facts: Every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. Every 8 minutes that victim is a child. Meanwhile, only 6 out of every 1,000 perpetrators is convicted. United victims and survivors, parents and children can make this world safer. Education is prevention, and the more light we shed on this darkest of crimes, the fewer shadows there will be for them to hide.

Nathan Forrest Winters

Dread Central both acknowledges and condemns the past crimes committed by Victor Salva. However, we are a news website dedicated to bringing you the headlines, and we cannot and will not let our personal beliefs influence how we bring you news. Instead, we leave it for you to decide whom or what you should or shouldn’t support. For those of you who want to further rally against Salva, there’s a petition here to boycott his upcoming film. Thank you.



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