Never-Before-Seen George A. Romero Video Interview Outtakes Capture the Man


Like all of you, I mourn the loss of the gentle giant of horror, George A. Romero. I met George many times over the years, and one of the best times I got to work with him was when I served as a producer on Bravo’s “100 Scariest Movie Moments” in 2004. We featured several of George’s classics on the 5-hour special, including Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Creepshow.

This lineup called for an in-person interview with the zombie master in his hometown of Pittsburgh, so I hired the great Pennsylvania videographers K Studios (Sean Tiedeman and Scott Krycia) to shoot the interview at George’s place. Upon the zombie father’s passing, Sean decided to share with Dread Central some never-before-scene footage from that memorable day.

I pieced together 3 minutes of outtakes from our shoot with him from ‘100 Scariest Movie Moments,‘” Sean explains. “I haven’t shown anyone this. I think it really captures just how cool George is and was and is really funny. I hope you have fun watching it.

I recall while setting up for the interview at Romero’s home in Pittsburgh, his dog Tony was outside, but kept howling,” Sean continues. “Scott and myself were picking this audio up on camera. George’s then-wife Christine moved the dog to the basement. Unfortunately, we were still picking up the barking on our headphones. George decided to simply let the dog lay next to him as that was when Tony was the most quiet and content. All was well. At least for a bit…and then there was the ferret!

And that’s not all. “As we were packing up, George performed a bunch of magic tricks for us. As if this whole experience wasn’t magical enough.

Watch for my next Elegy for more heartfelt memories of George A. Romero.

Scott Sean George



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