The Resident Moves in on UK DVD and Blu-ray This July

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Still relatively fresh from its theatrical run, the revitalised Hammer label’s psycho-thriller The Resident, starring Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the legendary Christopher Lee, is set to invade homes across the UK on July 4th courtesy of Icon Home Entertainment.

From the Press Release:
Hilary Swank plays Dr. Juliet Devereau, a young, newly single Emergency Room surgeon. After separating from her long-term partner, Juliet feels vulnerable but strives to appear confident. Her first task between hospital shifts is to find a new apartment within her limited budget.

After days of fruitless apartment hunting, Juliet stops in front of a substantial period building, its front door slightly ajar and on the ground a handwritten notice “6th Floor Apartment For Rent.” Climbing the impressive circular staircase to the apartment, Juliet encounters an attractive young man, Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) sanding the classic wooden floors.

The apartment is everything Juliet could have ever dreamed of – high ceilings, lots of rooms and a view to die for. Max tells her the rental charge, which is well within her budget, and she happily takes the apartment on the spot, not quite believing her good luck.

Max is a shy, but handsome man, who appears to be the perfect landlord, helping Juliet to move her sparse belongings into the apartment. The only other tenant in the building is Max’s frail grandfather, August (played by Christopher Lee), who lives down the hall from Juliet.

Over the weeks, mysterious occurrences spook Juliet and lead her to the conclusion that she is not alone in her apartment. There are odd shadows and noises she cannot identify. Over time she puts these thoughts aside, deciding it is just part of the course of living alone in a new place. Unknown to her, however, there is a warren of secret passages behind her apartment walls, created by her landlord, not only allowing Max to spy on Juliet, but giving him the ability to enter her apartment at any time. Max’s growing fixation with Juliet makes him dangerously uncontrolled and increasingly impulsive in his desire to observe her every move.

Special features on both the Blu-ray and DVD editions include deleted scenes, an alternate ending and an audio commentary with director Antti Jokinen. Check those locks, and get your pre-order in below!

The Resident Moves in on UK DVD and Blu-ray This July

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