Saturn Awards 2017: The Girl’s Jennifer Blanc-Biehn Reacts to Nomination


The 43rd annual Saturn Awards are a prestigious recognition of genre efforts. While the Oscars may snub us left and right, it’s ceremonies like Saturn that give these imagination-fueled films the credit and love they so rightfully and richly deserve.

One of the nominees for Best DVD/BD Release is Jennifer Blanc-Biehn with her film The Girl. We wanted to let her offer her voice on what a nomination like this means because there’s no better place to hear it from than the source. It’s very clear that even a nomination can reignite a filmmaker and push them to continue crafting new and exciting releases for us genre fans!

The actual award ceremony will take place this Wednesday, June 28th, in Burbank, California. You can see the full list of nominees right here.

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (The Girl):
It is really is a great honor. The Girl is only the second film I directed, but it’s the first one that was scripted with actual narrative and no found footage element, and then directing actors like Michael [Biehn] and Tia Carrere… and then dealing with child actors, because I did this before I was a mom. So there was so much more about it that felt like a first film. So it’s really great to be recognized by the Saturns for it. The films in my category are amazing – to be in their company on the same level feels great. My calling is acting and producing, so I sure didn’t expect any kind of honors or nominations. It puts a big smile on my face. I am a huge fan of the Saturn Awards for a number of reasons. When I was on Dark Angel and working with James Cameron, they were really supportive and we got lots of nominations, and then lots of nominations over the years for Michael’s films plus an Achievement Award a few years back. There is not a higher honor in genre than the Saturn Awards, so this is a crazy-wonderful honor just to have that nomination.



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