E3 2017: Metroid Prime 4 Announced


Nintendo dropped a bomb during its E3 press conference by announcing that Metroid Prime 4 is in development along with providing a brief teaser trailer.

The Metroid Prime Trilogy consists of three of the most critically acclaimed first-person shooters of all time, so 4 should be nothing short of a masterpiece, even though usual developer Retro Studios is not involved.

As a lifelong Metroid fan, I have to admit that the trailer below gave me chills.

We don’t yet know who’s working on Metroid Prime 4, although Nintendo also announced that a new sidescolling Metroid game called Samus Returns will be coming to the 3DS. It launches on September 15, so we haven’t got too long to wait.

The Metroid games have been strongly inspired by the Alien movies, so much so that the antagonist of the first game was named Ridley, clearly a homage to Alien director Ridley Scott. The look of the creatures in the series are notably similar to those of the Xenomorphs from the Alien movies. Of all of Nintendo’s primary first-party franchises, Metroid has always been the most edgy, and even though Samus shows up in Super Smash Bros. and other crossover games, her own adventures have always occupied a darker world than the likes of Mario and Zelda.

Since the end of the Prime Trilogy, we were treated to the enjoyable Other M in 2010 and the disappointing Federation Force last year. Fans have been demanding Metroid Prime 4 for the better part of a decade, so I’m glad Nintendo finally listened.

Welcome back, Samus, you’ve been gone too long.



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