E3 2017: It’s A Pirate’s Life In Sea Of Thieves Gameplay Footage

It won’t be easy for me to talk about Sea of Thieves without tearing up a little bit. That’s because Rare had such a huge impact on my childhood that the second I look at anything created by them, I start to feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. They’re the folks behind masterpieces such as Donkey Kong Country, GoldenEye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, and my personal favorite, Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

And while I’ll never forgive the developer for abandoning Nintendo and allowing themselves to be purchased by Microsoft, I still have to admit that Sea of Thieves is looking like one hell of a return to form. I always felt that Microsoft undervalued Rare and designated them to making low-key titles like Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Viva Piñata. Sea of Thieves will be their first big story driven adventure in quite some time, and I couldn’t be happier for it.

Nine minutes of gameplay from the open-world pirate adventure were showcased at E3, showing us everything from navel combat to swashbuckling with undead skeleton warriors. We’ll know for sure if Sea of Thieves really does end up being the return to form from Rare that we’ve all been waiting for when it sails onto PC and Xbox One next year.

Sea of Thieves – E3 2017 – 4K Gameplay Walkthrough
Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. Shipwrecks and skirmishes, skeletons and storms: join us on this voyage across the Sea of Thieves for a taste of the treasure hunting adventures that lie ahead!

For a chance to play in the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha, give feedback and help steer the course of Rare’s exhilarating shared world game, sign up for the Insider Programme now:

Official gameplay walkthrough for Sea of Thieves. Coming early 2018. Sea of Thieves is a 4K UHD, HDR, Xbox One X Enhanced, Xbox Play Anywhere title.sea of thieves2 1 - E3 2017: It's A Pirate's Life In Sea Of Thieves Gameplay Footage

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