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Aliens vs. Avatars Trailer Brings the Blue Cheese



A few weeks back we brought you the mind-blowing trailer for the zero budget superhero spoof The Amazing Bulk. While that film still seeks distribution, the filmmaker’s next b-movie bonanza already has a trailer. It’s not an April Fools Day prank. It’s Aliens vs. Avatars, folks!

Director Lewis Schoenbrun was kind enough to pass along a lengthy four-page summary of the Aliens vs. Avatars plot that I narrowed down a bit. A clique of college age friends vacationing in a cabin in the woods become prey for an alien monster called the “Necrosis” that is capable of invisibility and shape-shifting into the form of anything it has clawed or consumed. AVA (Cassie Fliegel), a tall extraterrestrial female with blue skin from a civilization nearly wiped out by the “Necrosis”, arrives to kill the space monster once and for all. She’ll change her skin color to something more Caucasian to blend in with the humans, not that this makes the terrified teens any less wary of her. Weakened by Earth’s gravity, AVA’s must rely on the Avatar, her robot companion armed with sonic cannons and equipped with a vision system that can identify the Necrosis when it has taken a new form.

Jason Lockhart (Vampire Boys), Kim Argetsinger (Skull Heads), Dylan Vox (Battle of Los Angeles), Marlene Mc’Cohen (Alice in Murderland), and scream queen Victoria DeMare (Killjoy 3) co-star in this bloody sci-fi romp from director Lewis Schoenbrun, writers Keith Parker and Kenny White, and prolific low budget genre producer David Sterling.

This 40-second trailer for Aliens vs. Avatars packs plenty of b-movie joy: rubber monster suit, scantily clad women, limb-ripping monster action, and a fantastically retro looking robot suit. It’s cheesy as hell, but hopefully it will prove to be the good kind of cheese.

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