Exclusive: Safe Place Teaser, Synopsis, and Poster Reveal


We’re excited to premiere the first taste of the upcoming indie horror film Safe Place, which will be entering production in the 4th quarter of this year. Below you’ll find a teaser, synopsis, and poster of the film, which will be shooting in Central Florida.

Producer Shane Michaels tells Dread Central, “Our film brings the elements of old school horror with smart witty characters, and 80’s dedicated retro synth score, and 100% practical effects. Our film is also very standout in the respect that we feature strong minority characters, strong LGBT character, and above all a strong female characters.

Ashley Marie Nunes, Genoveva Rossi, Lara Jean Mummert, James Robert Taylor, David E. McMahon, Kinsey Krutzler, Alyson Ryskamp, and Kat Kemmet will star in Safe Place with Troma icon Lloyd Kaufman making a cameo appearance. Cinematography will be handled by Sophia Cacciola with editing done by Michael J. Epstein. Shane Michaels of Blood and Guts Pictures will be producing while Nicholas Hunt will be directing.

You can follow their progress on Facebook.

Meet Chris Craven, who you’d never know it but has had a horrible tragedy happen to him and his family. He lives in constant fear and holds tremendous anger for the world outside. One night he crosses the paths of six youths who are all out to support their friend Lori’s art gallery opening, her last opening before the six graduate college. In celebration they accept an invitation to the Craven household, for what they believe to be a night of fun. What transpired that night was something they’d never forget, a night where they would be forced to fight to make it back out alive



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