Get Well Soon Tobe Hooper


Please join us in sending out good vibes to one of the masters of our genre, Tobe Hooper, who’s in recovery after sustaining a vicious beating at the hands of his former girlfriend.

TMZ is reporting that the 74-year-old was allegedly attacked by 36-year-old Rebecca Hodges two weeks ago and was bruised and battered.

Instead of buying into the “dirty laundry” aspect of the story, let’s all just concentrate on what matters most – Tobe’s immediate recovery. Feel better soon, sir. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

As for Hodges, a judge has ordered her to stay at least 100 yards from her ex at all times. Slap on the wrist? Sure! But karma can be a real bitch, and lord knows she’s invited in the worst of it.

Tobe Hooper



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