StudioCanal Takes on The Monster Project

More acquisition news out of Cannes where we’re told that StudioCanal has acquired Epic Pictures Group’s The Monster Project for UK distribution. The film has also sold to France, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and other territories. No release details have been given but I expect we’ll hear very soon what the plans are.

The Monster Project already has US release details set with the film becoming available on VOD platforms and in limited theaters on August 18th.

Epic Pictures Group co-founder Patrick Ewald states, “The Monster Project is the perfect mix of classic creature feature conventions with an added level of psychological horror which is truly terrifying.

Co-founder Shaked Berenson adds, “This is a fun and fresh take on the monster movies of the past, and it’s horrifying at every turn.

The Monster Project was directed by Victor Mathieu, who co-wrote the film with Shariya Lynn and Corbin Billings. The film stars Toby Hemingway, Justin Bruening, Yvonne Zima, Jamal Quezaire, and Murielle Zuker.

Mathieu says of the film, “The Monster Project blends the horror and action genres into the first-person style of filmmaking to deliver an adrenaline-packed, entertaining ride.

The Monster Project follows a group of aspiring horror filmmakers, eager to raise their YouTube subscriber count, who post an online casting call for “real life” monsters to interview for their documentary. They find three participants and choose to film them sharing their haunted experiences in a mansion in the woods on the night of a lunar eclipse. The production suddenly turns into a nightmare when the participants transform into a real skinwalker, vampire, and demon forcing the unsuspecting crew to fight for their lives.

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Written by Jonathan Barkan

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