Event Horizon Director’s Cut Never Coming

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Dark days, man. We, like you, were hoping that one day we’d see a director’s cut of Paul W.S. Anderson’s Event Horizon, which to date is arguably his best film. You see, back upon the film’s release, it fell victim to a CENSOR EVERYTHING version of the MPAA, who, to their credit, have loosened up a bit… not much… but a tiny bit. Why this group still even exists is another story, but for now let’s focus on this film.

Recently Crave Online caught up with Anderson to ask if we’d ever see the movie with all the sick shit put back in. The answer just sucks.

There was a lot more that was shot that isn’t in the movie. But you’ll never see the messed up version because we made Event before the kind of DVD revolution. You know, DVD ushered in this era when you had to have additional footage, deleted scenes, things like that. There was no call for that back when we were just doing VHS cassettes and LaserDiscs. So the material just wasn’t archived very well. And since the movie became a big cult classic, Paramount have asked us to come back in and do different versions; we looked for the material, and it just doesn’t exist.

Oh well… maybe one day. The uncut version of My Bloody Valentinedidn’t exist” at first either, remember?

At least we’ll always have this image gallery.

eventhorizonnsfw - Event Horizon Director's Cut Never Coming

event horizon poster - Event Horizon Director's Cut Never Coming