New Images Mimicked for The Mimic


Another flick appearing as part of our Cannes sales art blowout is the Korean flick The Mimic, and thanks to a little digging we have a pair of new stills along with a bit more info (although the translation of the synopsis is a bit rough).

Directed by Huh Jung, The Mimic stars Yum Jung-Ah, Park Hyuk-Kwon, and Shin Rin-A.

Hee-yeon moves to her hometown near Mt. Jang, wishing her mother-in-law remembers how she lost Hee-yeon’s son, Jun-suh. One day, near a cave at Mt. Jang, Hee-yeon meets a girl in tatters who reminds of Jun-suh. Feeling sympathy, Hee-yeon decides to offer her a bed until she finds the girl’s parents. Gradually, the girl mimics Hee-yeon’s daughter, Jun-hee’s, voice and look, eventually calling Hee-yeon “mom.” After the girl enters the house, strange things begin to happen to the family, and at last, the mother-in-law, who suffered from auditory hallucinations, disappears into the cave with the legend about a mysterious creature. Will Hee-yeon find her son? Will this family find happiness again?

The Mimic

The Mimic

The Mimic



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