10 of the UK’s Most Prolific Killers and How They Were Caught


Have you ever wondered while you’re walking down the street if the person that you just passed has a body or two in their basement? By some calculations, if you live to be 75 years old, you may very well walk past almost 11 unapprehended murderers, which means that you’ll have had multiple brushes with death and not even realized it.

While that’s a morbid thought, there’s also something rather thrilling about that. But for some people, that brush turned into a very real case of their demise. Over in the UK, there have been several murderers who took far too many lives before being caught. But caught they were and people could walk the streets feeling safe again…for a while.

Below is a rather delightful infographic created by NCC Home Learning that highlights 10 of the UK’s most prolific killers and how most were apprehended. Head on below to give it a view!

10 prolific UK serial Killers and how they were caught - 10 of the UK's Most Prolific Killers and How They Were Caught

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