Digging a Catacombs Clip


A picture of the real catacombs beneath ParisYou can’t really call this a trailer as it features no names or titles, but it’s cool to see something from Twisted Pictures’ non-Saw release, Catacombs, if for nothing else than as proof that the film actually exists.

This clip has shown itself over on YouTube, featuring star Shannyn Sossamon as a girl left in the catacombs beneath Paris after a long night of excessive partying. Said catacombs contain the remains of 7 million people, give or take, so needless to say it’s a bit creepy. Even more creep is piled on when she becomes convinced that someone or something is after her.

The film also stars Pink as the girl’s sister and likely one of the people responsible for her underground predicament to begin with. Lionsgate doesn’t have any solid plans for the release of Catacombs, so you might as well enjoy this clip while it’s out there!

Johnny Butane

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