Exclusive: Listen to Charred Woodlands, a Track From the Upcoming Album Crawl Into the Narrow Caves


Today we’ve got something really interesting and exciting for you! Below is the exclusive track premiere of “Charred Woodlands” from the album Crawl Into the Narrow Caves by Binary Reptile, the composing duo behind Bone Tomahawk. Binary Reptile is made up of composer Jeff Herriott and writer/director/composer S. Craig Zahler. Lakeshore Records will be releasing the digital soundtrack on Bandcamp this coming Wednesday with a wide release coming on June 2nd.

The track will also be featured on the Audiostate The Narrow Caves, the first of its kind. What is an Audiostate, you ask? Apparently it’s an audiobook that is meant to also recreate a cinematic experience.

The Audiostate experience will feature voice acting from Vincent D’Onofrio (The Cell), Will Patton (The Mothman Prophecies), Lili Simmons (Bone Tomahawk), and more. The release date is May 16 on Audible.com.



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