LAFF 2017: Los Angeles Film Festival Announces Nightfall Selections


The 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival has revealed its full lineup, which includes a series of after dark films under their Nightfall Competition banner. These are the genre/horror films of the festival and include titles from around the world. Below is the full list of these specific films.

The 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival runs June 14th – 22nd. All ticket information can be found right here.

Desolation, dir. Sam Patton, USA, World Premiere

A mother takes her son and her best friend on a trip into remote wilderness to scatter his father’s ashes; they must confront their fears when a lone hiker begins following them.

The Housemaid, dir. Derek Nguyen, Vietnam / USA, North American Premiere

When an orphaned Vietnamese girl is hired to be a housemaid at a haunted rubber plantation in 1953 French Indochina, she unexpectedly falls in love with the French landowner and awakens the vengeful ghost of his dead wife… who is out for blood.

It Stains the Sand RedIt Stains the Sands Red, dir. Colin Minihan, USA, North American Premiere

In the throes of a zombie apocalypse, a troubled woman from Las Vegas with a dark past finds herself stranded in the desert with a lone and ravenous zombie on her tail.

Midnighters, dir. Julius Ramsay, USA, World Premiere

While driving home on New Year’s Eve, a married couple hits and kills a vagrant wandering on the road. After taking the body home in a panic, they realize that the man wasn’t dead after all — and that their lives are in fact already intertwined with his.

The Neighbor, dir. Giancarlo Ruiz, Mexico, World Premiere

A man’s obsession with his downstairs neighbors escalates as he moves from voyeur to tormentor to kidnapper in this intense, experimental character study.

Replace, dir. Norbert Keil, Germany / Canada, North American Premiere

Afflicted with a dermatological disease, Kira discovers that she can replace her skin with that of another girl, but this short-term solution only leads to more victims.

Serpent, dir. Amanda Evans, South Africa, World Premiere

When a young couple take a getaway aimed at reviving their romance, they find themselves trapped in a tent with a venomous snake and a backlog of secrets, and they come to the realization that only one of them can make it out alive.

Thread, dir. The Boy, Greece, North American Premiere

This feverish fantasy thriller explores the world of a revolutionary woman and her son, oscillating amongst political aggression, sexual nightmares and violence as protest.



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