Exclusive: Stargoyles Invade Earth in the Trailer for The Asylum’s Alien Convergence


Alien Convergence is one of them newfangled Asylum mockbusters. Whereas, in the old days The Asylum would have done a carbon copy with a slightly different name, now they’ll just slap a marketable mockbuster moniker on a movie with no real resemblance to the big screen film they’re converging on.

For example, The Asylum’s just-released King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table… the King Arthur movie set in modern day Thailand… the one that ends with the descendants of the legendary knights using machine guns… fighting a giant kabuki-faced robot… Yeah, that Asylum King Arthur movie.

Which brings us to their newest: Alien Convergence. Don’t expect too many similarities between this and a certain new Ridley Scott sequel/prequel. The Asylum’s version takes place on Earth and sees mankind fighting for survival against a swarm of invading winged alien creatures that kind of look like space gargoyles.

Stargoyles! Better title than Alien Convergence, but probably not as marketable. I’d watch a movie called Stargoyles. Heck, I’m sure I’m gonna watch this too. Here’s the synopsis:

When flying reptilian creatures wreak havoc all over the world, the survivors’ only hope of stopping them is a new, state-of-the-art fighter jet piloted by the only team that knows how to use the technology.

Written by Marc Gottlieb, directed by Rob Pallatina, and starring Stephen Brown, Mishone Feigin, Caroline Ivari, and Michael Marcel, these aliens will converge on VOD June 1st and invade DVD June 27th.

We have your first look at the trailer for Alien Convergence below. Given how Alien: Covenant has been using the one-word tagline “RUN” and these aliens can fly, maybe The Asylum should have used the one-word tagline “DUCK” on the poster.

Alien Convergence hr - Exclusive: Stargoyles Invade Earth in the Trailer for The Asylum's Alien Convergence



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