Eric Red’s The Wolves of El Diablo Begins Snarling This Summer


Los Angeles-based novelist, screenwriter, and film director Eric Red’s latest book, The Wolves of El Diablo, is Volume 2 of his The Men Who Walk Like Wolves series; and it’s heading our way this summer courtesy of Short, Scary Tales Publications. Here’s what you can look forward to:

From the Press Release:
Short, Scary Tales Publications (SST Publications) owner Paul Fry announces the release of the first two titles in Eric Red’s dark fantasy series The Men Who Walk Like Wolves.

THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE is available now, and THE WOLVES OF EL DIABLO is available for pre-order in advance of its August release date.

Fry says: “I’m very happy to be publishing Eric Red’s dark fantasy series, as I’m a huge fan of werewolf novels and weird western tales. I’m really pleased to be publishing two brand new novels in the series and re-releasing the very first book that started it all (THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE) in hardcover for the very first time. This series will appeal to a multitude of fans and is a lot of fun!”

They’re hired guns. The best at what they do. They’ve left bodies in their wake across the West. But this job is different. It’ll take all their skill and courage. And very special bullets. Because their targets this time won’t be shooting back. They’ll fight back with ripping claws, tearing fangs, and animal cunning. They’re werewolves…

A pack of bloodthirsty wolfmen have taken over a small Mexican village, and the gunmen are the villagers’ last hope. The light of the full moon will reveal the deadliest showdown the West has ever seen—three men with six-shooters facing off against snarling, inhuman monsters.

GUNS SANTASANGRE cover - Eric Red's The Wolves of El Diablo Begins Snarling This Summer

In THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE, three 1800s gunfighters battled a ferocious pack of werewolves in Old Mexico. In the sequel, THE WOLVES OF EL DIABLO, the three outlaws rob a Federale steam train in the badlands of El Diablo transporting a fortune in silver bars. But when a savage werewoman, hungry for revenge on the men who killed her brother, leads her bloodthirsty gang of wolfmen in an attack on the train, the outlaws find themselves trapped on a highballing railroad in the middle of the desert fighting fifty werewolves.

This time it’s bigger action, more lycanthropes, more silver bullets, and much more werewolf western thrills!

WOLVES ELDIABLO cover - Eric Red's The Wolves of El Diablo Begins Snarling This Summer



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