Sadistic Intent Mixes Metal and Horror!


As a lifelong fan of both horror and metal, I always find myself intrigued and delighted by times when the two mediums cross paths. Seeing metal CDs with horror artwork never failed to put a smile on my face and hearing wicked amounts of distortion on a horror soundtrack just fueled my love and passion.

That’s why I find myself so intrigued by Sadistic Intent, the upcoming abduction horror/thriller from Eric Pennycoff. The film follows two metal musicians who kidnap a young woman and hold her in a remote mansion estate. They do this as a means of seeking artistic inspiration for their next album.

Written and directed by Pennycoff, who is making his feature film debut, Sadistic Intent stars Jeremy Gardner (The Batter, Psychopaths), Michael Patrick Nicholson (We Are Still Here), Taylor Zaudtke (The Egg & The Hatchet), and Larry Fessenden (You’re Next). It is produced by Jason Walter Short and executively produced by Sean Fowler and John R. Cocke Jr.

Pennycoff explains, “A brooding and vicious portrayal of ambitions gone awry, Sadistic Intent delves deep into the fragmented psyche of two bandmates hellbent on achieving greatness. Thematically and stylistically, the film is linked to such greats as Angst, Black Christmas, A Blade in the Dark, and Scream.

Once we have word on when the film will be coming out, we’ll let you all know! In the meantime, I’m gonna go blast some metal to make sure my day starts right!

Desperate for success and quickly losing grip, a pair of metal musicians lure a young woman to a remote mansion in hopes of inspiring their next album. However, tensions arise between the two band mates as one of them accidentally falls in love with their soon-to-be victim. Tangled in a web of violence and deceit, this young woman is forced to fight for her life in order to escape the confines of a deadly band practice.



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