Father Takes Toy Cars and Mad Max-ifies Them For His Kids


Ian Pfaff is one helluva creative individual. On top having been a director at Funny or Die and Nickelodeon, it turns out that he may very well be Father of the Year thanks to the way he converted his kids’ toy cars into guzzoline-sucking monstrosities of the best kind!

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Pfaff took a Little Tikes car – y’know, one of those small cars that kids can get into and pedal around – and proceeded to remodel it into a child’s version of something that would look perfectly at home in Mad Max: Fury Road. However, he didn’t do this once. Nope, he did it twice, one for each of his kids! The end result are adorable little vehicles that embrace the steampunk/post-apocalyptic visual style and make his kids look like wasteland survivors!

Check out photos of the kids and their new rides below!

Cheers to Buzzfeed.



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