VR Goes South in Psycho City, TX Virtual Reality Experience


Director/producer Robert J. Sexton will be premiering his new virtual reality video experience Psycho City, TX this weekend at the L.A. Convention Center at the VRLA Expo, and we have more details about it right here!

From the Press Release:
To promote Psycho City, TX, Sexton created an unprecedented 360° VR (virtual reality) narrative short film that is calculated to drive people mad.

The experience takes place at the secretive CDC Laboratory in Galveston, Texas, where weaponized super viruses have been released into the population. Thanks to Sexton’s cunning use of visual cues to direct the viewer’s eye through an organically flowing narrative, the spot is one of the first forays in 360° technology that successfully fuses VR and storytelling.

The experience is meant to be done using dedicated VR equipment like the Samsung Gear VR headset, Google Cardboard, or the compact Himodo VR Mini and wearing headphones.

Some photos from the shoot can be seen below, although I should warn you that a few are most certainly NSFW!



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