Bloodbath and Beyond Is the Latest Victim of YouTube De-monitization Crackdown


It’s hard to be a YouTube content creator these days; especially if you don’t make family-friendly videos that abide by the status quo.  Lately channels ranging from political news to video game reviews have been deemed non-advertiser-friendly by some of YouTube’s biggest sponsors, and now hard-working creators are feeling the brunt of it.

It was only a matter of time before horror came under threat…

Since its inception, Bloodbath and Beyond has been the go-to YouTube channel for many horror fans, and throughout the years we’ve seen them grow from strength to strength.  A lot of time and money has been invested in the channel to get it to such a high level of quality – in addition to being an entertaining review show, it also boasts some quality production values.  However, due to the latest YouTube regulations, they no longer make money from their most popular videos.

The appealing factor of channels like Bloodbath and Beyond is that they live and breathe horror and devote hours of their lives promoting independent projects that might never be discovered otherwise.  It’s no different from what we do here; maintaining channels and websites costs money and demands sleep deprivation.  With videos being de-monitized, strong figureheads in our community might not be able to churn out regular content like they currently do, which is a loss for the genre.

This comes after the recent news that Amazon Prime is cracking down on content considered too extreme, as they’ll no longer be available to watch for free with a membership.  This is a huge blow to indie filmmakers who rely on this function to get their movies seen.

While I hope I’m wrong, it seems like only a matter of time before it happens to other horror channels – and it might extend to content creators all across the board.  It won’t be a death knell for indie film and content creators as the community is too supportive to let that happen, but it’s definitely a setback.

Check out the video below for more information about the latest drama.

bloodbathbeyond - Bloodbath and Beyond Is the Latest Victim of YouTube De-monitization Crackdown



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