Kyra & Knetter Make History


Fear Files: ZombiesPut away those dirty thoughts perverts, not that kind of history! What I’m talkin’ about here is a program airing on The History Channel this Tuesday, October 24th at 8:00 PM EST entitled, “Fear Files: Zombies” featuring Dread Central’s very own ghoulfriend, Kyra Schon and the baron of buttocks, Joe Knetter!

So what’s it all about? Why the history of zombies of course! Here’s a snippet from the History Channel‘s website:

“Throughout history there have been strange and frightening tales that continue to capture the imagination of cultures throughout the world. But is there truth and fact behind these tales? This special will delve into the unknown world of Zombies. By definition, a “zombie” is a dead person who is brought back to life through a curse (voodoo, necromancy) or a mutation, and has recovered some vital functions like movement. Voodoo, found primarily in Haiti but practiced by over 60 million people worldwide, was established in the 17th century by slaves captured largely from the kingdom of Dahomey, in West Africa. Through interviews with experts, victims, witnesses and researchers, we’ll take a critical look at the science and the psychology behind this diabolical mythology.”

Tune in if only to see whether or not the other THC will have the nuts enough to identify Knetter as being the author of Zombie Bukkake on national television during prime time!

If you miss it tomorrow the program will repeat:

  • Wednesday, October 25 12:00 AM
  • Sunday, October 29 11:00 PM
  • Monday, October 30 03:00 AM
  • Uncle Creepy

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