F13 Creator Sean S. Cunningham Producing Horror Thriller The Elevator Game


Sean S. Cunningham is best known to horror fans as one of the creators of Friday the 13th, and now he’s about to share his talents with Nicole Jones-Dion to producer her new horror thriller The Elevator Game under his Crystal Lake Entertainment banner.

We have additional details below, including the real-life story on which the film is loosely based.

From the Press Release:
Crystal Lake Entertainment announces the acquisition of The Elevator Game, which is inspired by the Elisa Lam story and written by horror scribe Nicole Jones-Dion (pictured; Stasis, They Found Hell). Crystal Lake’s Sean S. Cunningham will be executive producer on the film to be shot in Los Angeles in September. Jones-Dion will direct from her original screenplay.

Jones-Dion describes The Elevator Game as a unique thriller that has ties to the infamous Elisa Lam story.

The Elevator Game was originated in Korea and Japan and went on to gain worldwide notoriety online when it was blamed for the mysterious death of Lam – a young woman who was found drowned in a sealed water tank on top of the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Leila had never heard of the Elevator Game until her younger sister, Mandy, went missing. Security camera footage showed Mandy entering an elevator in a decrepit old hotel downtown… and never coming back out.

When the police investigation into Mandy’s disappearance runs cold, Leila takes matters in her own hands. The internet has stories of people disappearing after playing something called “The Elevator Game.” Some think it’s an urban legend, others swear it’s true.

Buried in the darkest corners of the Internet are the rules for one of the world’s most dangerous games. According to the Game, if you enter an elevator and press the buttons in a certain sequence, you will be transported to another dimension in the spirit plane… the Otherworld. There you may be granted your deepest secret desire or you may find death and damnation.

Convinced her sister is trapped in the Otherworld, the only way for Leila to save her lost sister is to play the Elevator Game herself. But the Game comes with a steep price. Some players have lost their lives… others their souls. If Leila isn’t careful, she might lose both.



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