Meet Haruo Nakajima, the Man Who Was Godzilla


In 1954, Toho Films released the first film in what would become a thrilling and important franchise in the form of Godzilla. A fantastic movie about the dangers of atomic weapons masked in a giant creature feature, the titular character, in time, became a recognizable symbol across the world. For many, his mighty roar is all that people need to hear to know of his arrival.

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But what many people may not know is Haruo Nakajima, the man who first wore the giant lizard suit and continued to do so for a total of 12 films in the franchise. For nearly 20 years, Nakajima was the man who rained destruction upon Tokyo or, alternatively, tried to save it from various kaiju creatures. From the 1954 original film to 1972’s Godzilla vs. Gigan, it was Nakajima who gave life to a creature that to this day inspires awe and fear.

The folk over at Great Big Story have released a short video that goes into Nakajima’s approach to playing Godzilla as well as how he was chosen for the role. It’s a delightful piece as it proves Nakajima’s continued pride and joy in this monstrous role. I highly recommend giving it a watch when you get a chance. It’s only a few minutes and it gives insight into a character that has helped shape cinema.



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