Victor Crowley Flashes His Good Looks in Hatchet #0 Covers


Thanks to Newsarama, we’ve got our first look at the four covers for Issue #0 of American Mythology’s upcoming Hatchet comic series based on Adam Green’s film franchise, and they features Victor Crowley in all his grimace-wearing ugliness!

These sketches were drawn by artist Andrew Mangum, who also created some of the covers for the Puppet Master comics. Mangum will also providing the interior art for the series, with the rest of the horrific covers being drawn by Greg LaRocque, Buz Hasson, and Ken Haesser.

James Kuhoric is scripting the Hatchet comic, which sees our favorite freak Victor Crowley once again using his titular woodcutting tool to slaughter anyone who wanders into his swampland home. Pre-order a digital copy of Issue #0 here.

Victor Crowley returns to terrorize comics in a brand new series! In 2006 filmmaker Adam Green released a new American horror movie that paid homage to his favorite monsters. The movie was Hatchet, and it told the story of Victor Crowley, a deformed child that came back to life as an unstoppable killing machine. Cursed to live out his terrifying last moments again and again, Crowley brutally murders anyone foolish enough to enter his swamp sanctuary. Filled with over-the-top gore, classic movie monster horror, and a boatload of black humor, this is the ultimate comic for fright fans!



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