Skinwalkers Clip Found


When I’m jumping around the Net, looking for some cool stuff to tell you guys about, and I come across something that says “Skinwalkers clip!”, you know what I expect? I expect a clip from Jim (Jason X) Issac’s werewolf film that features some freakin’ werewolves.

Crazy? Probably, but I really don’t think it’s too much to ask, do you? What I found, however, was the clip over on About Horror, which features some people being hung in straps and threatened with knives. Knives? Really? Why the hell would werewolves need more than just the weapons that come naturally to them, like their teeth and claws?

But I digress. The point is that I found a clip from Skinwalkers at About Horror and thought you guys should know about it. Just understand that although there is some nasty looking violence toward the end, the clip is absent of any hot werewolf action. Hit the flick’s official site for the same content that’s been there forever now, and expect to see Skinwalkers in theaters next April.

Johnny Butane

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