Exclusive Haunted Museum News – Zak Bagans to Display One of the Most Dangerous Paranormal Possessions in the World


Excited about visiting Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum when it opens? Of course you are! This latest story though… this latest addition to Zak’s house of madness? Well, it’s going to be up to you whether or not you take your chances and take a look.

Zak has just informed us exclusively that he’s now in possession of the infamous “Peggy the Doll,” which he obtained from its previous owner, Jayne Harris from England. Featured on an episode of his series “Deadly Possessions,” Peggy is not for the faint of heart. It’s said you can be affected by Peggy by just looking at her… in person or in photos. As a result “Deadly Possessions” aired the episode with a disclaimer for viewers: a first for both the show and the paranormal in general.

“Peggy the Doll” has a long and storied paranormal history. It’s said to be one of the most haunted and dangerous dolls in the world. It is believed that Peggy is possessed by the spirit of a woman born in 1946 in London’s Holland Park who died of a chest-related condition – possibly an asthma attack – and psychics have speculated that said woman could be of Jewish descent and may have ties to the Holocaust. We may never know the exact identity of the entity inhabiting the doll, but her effects on people have been well documented. It’s also believed that in addition to causing violent migraines and severe chest pains, the entity can even affect a person’s dreams and predict tragedies. Back in 2015 a video of Peggy hit YouTube, and it’s been reported that over 80 people who watched it suffered chest pains, nausea, and crippling headaches. This is something that… no matter what you believe… should not be trifled with.

I was very skeptical of this claim until the doll caused very terrifying activity during our filming, including: manifestations of flies, camera problems, negative mental effects on me, poltergeist activity,” said Bagans. “Peggy the Doll will be displayed at The Haunted Museum, but releases will have to be signed should visitors want to see her.

He added, “I’ve met many haunted dolls, including Robert the Doll and Harold the Doll, but none have ever affected me as bad as Peggy the Doll. When we were filming with her on ‘Deadly Possessions,’ flies manifested outta nowhere and swarmed me, and then I had a dark energy overcome me. I interviewed a woman who told me while crying she suffered a heart attack within seconds of looking at her; there was no doubting her. We also did a seance with Peggy and a well-known medium, and we heard a typewriter start typing by itself.

In closing, Zak told us, “Peggy is the type of haunted doll that will put your bravery to the test if you will look at her or not, and there will be strict guidelines for those who choose to view her exhibit at The Haunted Museum, including signing releases.

So the question is… how brave are you?

Peggy the Doll

The massive structure is also brimming with oddities from all over the world, including an actual mummy, Michael Jackson’s death scene chair, Ed Gein’s cauldron, Dr. Jack Kervorkian’s van, a throng of working antique mechanical dolls, and so very much more.

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The Haunted Museum



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