Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2017!

As always, it’s with great pleasure that we give this year the proverbial finger and officially look forward to 2017! Please join us in stabbing at 2016 with an erect middle digit. Seriously, year, take yourself and your onslaught of death, misery, and general shittiness; and be gone with you!

Because of the foulness of these past 12 months, at this point we don’t even know if we’ll be here for 2017, and that’s not even remotely hyperbolic in any way. Our survival is very much in your hands. You can make a difference and be a part of history. Lord knows we hope to be around for a long, long time. If you’ll have us, we’ll be here working harder than ever. We have so much more to give.

Here’s hoping, but either way… Goodbye, 2016! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out! Be safe tonight, everyone, and have a happy and healthy 2017! Here’s to ya!

newyear2017 - Happy New Year 2017!

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