America’s Most Haunted Places: Stull Cemetery

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Stull Cemetery is located in the small town of Stull, Kansas, on Emmanuel Hill. It is seen as much more than just a haunted house and is believed by many to be the gateway to Hell, including many of the elders in this small town.

Does the Devil Visit Stull?

There are many strange things about the town and cemetery. It is located in a part of Kansas where the first three numbers of the zip code begin with “666,” and the road leading to the cemetery was called “Devil’s Lane” until it was changed in 1905.

An article in the Kansas City Times in 1980 about the church and cemetery added to the mystique of this tiny town and the stories that have circulated. It said that the Devil appears each Halloween in two spots. One is Stull, Kansas, and the other is in India.

The cemetery includes an abandoned church that was destroyed by a fire. It is basically just a shell without a roof, but the locals say when it rains, it does not fall inside the church. The stories of ghosts, witchcraft, and odd happenings at Stull Cemetery have been circulating for years. Many people believe there are too many things happening for them to be a coincidence.

One calm night as two men were visiting the cemetery, a strong wind blew up and frightened them so they decided to leave. When they got to the spot where they had parked their car, it wasn’t there. It was on the other side of the road and facing the opposite direction.

Among many of the stories being told about the cemetery there is one that says Satan’s son is buried here. It also says he visits his tomb on the stroke of midnight on Halloween and on the first day of spring.

Why Stull?

With all the strange stories that have circulated about the cemetery and the church since the 1850s, it is natural that people are curious. A tree in the cemetery which has been cut down in the last few years was supposedly used to hang those who were believed to be witches.

Some graves in the cemetery have the name “Wittich,” and one is said to be occupied by a “child of Satan” born of a witch and the Devil. The child was said to have been severely deformed and lived only a short time.

Whether Stull Cemetery is one of the gateways to Hell or not, it is strange that the property owners did not want to tear the church down although it was in ruin. Visiting the cemetery is discouraged because property owners say the stories attract vandals. The property owners are reluctant to talk about the legends, and when newspaper and television reporters visited the cemetery on Halloween 1999, they were asked to leave at exactly 11:30 pm.

In March, 2002, the mystery deepened as the church was torn down. However, the owners of the property say they did not authorize anyone to do this. Even residents who live near the cemetery did not hear anything when the church was demolished.

Stull Cemetery cemeteries and graveyards 730745 700 691 - America's Most Haunted Places: Stull Cemetery