New Documentary on the Way on Original Film Version of Stephen King’s It

It Documentary!

Around these parts we’re HUGE fans of the television adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, but one of our contributors, John Campopiano (Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary), is a SUPER fan! Thus far he’s written several retrospectives on the film for us, and now he and Dead Mouse Productions (You’re So Cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night) have a film version on its way!

We’re in full pre-production mode on an in-depth examination of Stephen King’s IT the miniseries, book, and legacy of Pennywise the Clown,” Campopiano tells us. “We’re also going to delve into the impact Tim Curry’s portrayal of Pennywise has left on horror films and popular culture in general by looking at coulrophobia (i.e., fear of clowns) and the recent uptick of clown scares across the country. What’s more, we’ll be paying serious attention to the three prongs we see as critical to telling the story of this film: stories from the cast, crew, as well as the stories that lie hidden under the surface in the local communities in which IT was filmed. Our search for behind-the-scenes content is also well under way and—even at this early stage—we’re really pleased with what we’re digging up.

John continues, “As far as talent involvement, we’re still very much building our list, talking with people, and gauging interest and availability, so for that reason we’ll keep most names close to the vest for now. However, we do feel comfortable announcing that director Tommy Lee Wallace, special makeup effects supervisor Bart Mixon, and miniseries associate producer Mark Bacino are all on board. The list is growing every day, and we anticipate giving fans a lot to be excited about in terms of talent interviews.

More as it comes!

it doc - New Documentary on the Way on Original Film Version of Stephen King's It

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