Dan Myrick’s Skyman Kicks Off Crowdfunding Campaign


We’re always interested to hear what’s coming up next for the masterminds behind the original The Blair Witch Project, and today news arrived with regard to what Dan Myrick (Solstice, The Objective) is working on. Read on to learn more about his upcoming docu-drama Skyman.

From the Press Release:
Writer/director Dan Myrick (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT) has unveiled his upcoming docu-drama SKYMAN, which launched an Indiegogo campaign today to help raise funds for production. SKYMAN will feature Carl Merryweather, a man who had an alien encounter as a 10-year-old boy and now believes he has an opportunity to reconnect with this same alien at the same location on a specific day and time.

The Indiegogo campaign focuses on pre-production of the project, and the goal is $25,000. Donation perks include an invitation to the weekly cast and crew “UFO Soirees” in the desert during production, dinner with Dan Myrick, and a personalized BLAIR WITCH PROJECT screening. There will be a limited number of original Sundance 1999 BLAIR posters given as rewards as well. Aside from the different levels of donating available, there will also be online auditions for particular roles and for “recreations” of what happened to Merryweather as a child at skymanthemovie.com. Aspiring actors and actresses can submit their best performances for consideration when the audition process starts. Myrick was one of the first to do this back in 2008 on his film THE OBJECTIVE.

Back in 1987 on the eve of his tenth birthday, Carl allegedly came in to contact with an “alien lifeform” while camping with his father out in the high desert of Apple Valley, California. Although the following day local news reported that several locals had witnessed a strange object hovering in the sky, it was the unvarnished testimony of young Carl’s direct contact that had the most impact on the local community. Now, almost 30 years later, Carl is convinced that the being he calls the “Skyman” is destined to reunite with him at that very same spot in the desert. The only difference now is that he’s determined to document the entire ordeal, thus claiming that he’ll be the first person in history to record his own “alien abduction”.

“Skyman is a sci-fi docudrama that has been a labor of love for quite some time. It’s a project about UFO subculture that gets back to my ‘Blair roots’ and allows me more creative freedom while, at the same time, engages the audience from start to finish,” said Dan Myrick.

Myrick is also joined by producer Joseph Restaino from Character Brigade and Thomas B. Fore and Christiopher J. Scott of Domicile Pictures. Production is scheduled to begin in spring 2017 with the date of the upcoming alien encounter on the horizon.

skyman - Dan Myrick's Skyman Kicks Off Crowdfunding Campaign



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