5 Horror TV Shows That We Want To See Streaming On Netflix
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unsolved mysteries - 5 Horror TV Shows We Want to See Streaming on Netflix or Hulu


5 Horror TV Shows We Want to See Streaming on Netflix or Hulu

There’s no doubt about it. Horror TV shows have come a long way from “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” and, in recent years especially, have become more of the norm you would see when you flip the channel switches. “The Walking Dead ” in particular opened a can of worms that had long been forgotten back in 2010, and we haven’t looked back since. Whether you’re a fan of said show or not, you have to give credit to “TWD” for helping to usher in more horror programming. The explosion of popularity helped bring us beautiful programs such as “Hannibal,” “Wayward Pines,” and “The Exorcist.”

Now, just like anyone else on this planet, I like to binge my horror programming. And yes, while we have a multitude of titles available at our fingertips thanks to the likes of these streaming sensations Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, there’s a few horror TV titles missing that I’ve yet to see on ANY of these streaming networks. And it sort of pisses me off. Yes, yes… I realize there are most likely legal reasons for the absence of such gloriousness; however, it’s not a good enough reason for me.

Call me a stubborn brat if you will, but when I have to shell out $100 to watch a couple of episodes of “Unsolved Mysteries” (the Robert Stack episodes, mind you), this a damn problem that needs to be addressed.  Of course the easy solution would be to buy DVD sets, but we all know that lazy feeling of not wanting to continuously get up and switch out discs in the middle of a binge. Don’t judge.

So here are five horror TV shows I want to see streaming already.

5. Friday the 13th: The Series

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Sure, the series may have pulled one over on audiences initially with the misleading title being as the show had zero to do with Jason Voorhees, but at the end of the day it wasn’t that bad at all. It premiered in 1987 with the premise of a group of individuals who own an antique shop trying to recover cursed antiques every week and safely put them away in their store’s vault. Again having no ties at all to the popular franchise, it’s worth noting that series star John D. Lemay also ended up starring in Jason Goes to Hell, and The New Beginning‘s John Shepard (Tommy Jarvis) also made a cameo appearance during the series. So hell, there’s that at least. This is one of those programs you either enjoy or loathe entirely, but I for one wouldn’t mind catching a few episodes on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

4. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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It’s the most fun in the park when you’re laughing in the dark, or at least it would be from the comforts of my own home if we could get this streaming already! This nostalgic program from the 90’s with its skeevies-inducing intro was the go-to horror TV show for kids and introduced a lot of little buggers to the genre with a little mix of urban legends and stories about cigar-smoking clowns invading your home and terrorizing you. That’s right, Zebo; I still haven’t forgotten you. Can we get this on Netflix already for fuck’s sake?

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