One Very Angry Killer Tree Goes on the Prowl in American Beast


Don’t be fooled by the DVD artwork; the titular creature in the newly released American Beast isn’t Bigfoot or a werewolf. It’s actually a tree monster thing that resembles Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and even makes me think of that infamous McFarlane Toys Blair Witch action figure. And that’s not something I ever like to think about if I can help it.

Directed by Livingston Oden and Taylor Scott Olson, American Beast stars Armin Habibovich, Victoria Lachelle, and Brent Latchaw. The DVD hits stores on January 3rd from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, and you can pre-order yours here.

After his mother’s death, James Erikson discovers her old storage locker filled with journals and newspapers of his family’s history. As he researches it, he finds out about the evil creature that his family has tried to contain for several generations, beginning in 1939 on a mysterious piece of property in an American small town.






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