Halloween Treat: VR Horror Experience Who’s Laughing Now Clowns?


Indie filmmaker Patrick Rea is a Dread Central favorite, and today he sent over his latest creation: the VR horror experience Who’s Laughing Now Clowns? Of course we had to share it in our series of 2016 “Halloween Treats”!

Rea concocted the roughly 3-1/2-minute short with creative production studio BicMedia of Kansas City, and it is best viewed in 360° through the YouTube app on your phone or iPad or with Google Chrome and/or Firefox.

Written and created by Austin Bickford and Julian Bickford of BicMedia, Brandon Todd, Patrick Rea, and Corwin Carroll, Who’s Laughing Now Clowns? was directed by Rea and stars Brooklyn Funk, Davis DeDrock, and Kimberly Horne.




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