Kickstarter Launches for Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space


Alongside horror, the sex comedy is considered the lowest common denominator when it comes to genre entertainment. But it’s this perceived notion that they’re both bottom-of-the-barrel filth by a prudish consensus that makes them so endearing to us fans.  We all know it’s not true, but some people don’t get it.

Well, I’m sure you can imagine why a comic with the title Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space wouldn’t appeal to some folks.  Then again, it’s plainly obvious why it’d go down a treat with others – and so it should, because it is a treat.

In fact, Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space is an acclaimed series with more brains than you think.  Sure it’s full of blood, guts, toilet humor and undead extraterrestrial lesbians; but at its heart it’s a dementedly hilarious, intelligent satire about men and their sexual desires.

It’s puerile, gross and politically incorrect, but it’s also kinda sweet and full of heart too.  All in all, a winning combo for those who like a budding romance with their dick jokes and gore-splattered lesbian mayhem.

The first six issues were a success, and now a Kickstarter has launched to bring the seventh to life.


Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space is a full-color, NSFW graphic novel where a flawed male sexual fantasy becomes a nightmare. This Kickstarter campaign is meant to raise funds for the completion of the final chapter of an apocalyptic zom-com like you’ve never seen. Specifically, we’re here to deliver Issue 7 to previous backers, or the COMPLETED GRAPHIC NOVEL for those of you just joining the party.

ACE JOHNSON (20s) is a regular guy. He manages a mom-and-pop video store, and he likes porn. GWEN MOFFET (20s) is a lesbian of mediocre looks. She’s not too successful with the ladies, and she hates guys who like porn. But when a mysterious SPACE QUEEN crash lands in the woods, the town’s women start turning into lesbian zombies, and these unlikely heroes are the only ones left to stop the apocalypse.

lzfos e1440586151551 1024x591 - Kickstarter Launches for Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space

LZFOS - Kickstarter Launches for Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space





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