Trailer For Wronged Promises No Heroes

By David Gelmini

The trailer for the indie revenge thriller Wronged promises that the film will contain no heroes, so this a movie far removed from the conventions of Hollywoodland.

Wronged comes from director Nicholas Holland and stars Dan Davies, who is known for his titular performance in Ed Gein the Musical.

After the loss of their unborn third child, David and Andrea find that their marriage has been quite shaken as a growing sense of rage with the injustices of the world slowly grows within David. In an attempt to start over and repair their marriage, the two of them take a vacation far north with their family and two other children. As they adjust, though, they soon find themselves placed directly in the path of a group of violent and desperate individuals led by John Vicard, a man whose visciousness not only consumes him entirely, but threatens to swallow everything they love as well. In their most desperate moment, David’s family soon realizes that his inner demons may be their only salvation, even at the cost of losing him to them forever.

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wronged 1 - Trailer For Wronged Promises No Heroes