Best Books of the Halloween Season #10: This Is How You Die


We hope you’ve been enjoying our “Best Books of the Halloween Season” series and discovered a few authors you might not have been aware of previously.  We’re wrapping things up today with David Jester’s This Is How You Die, a novel that is most definitely not for the faint of heart when it comes to gore.

However, if you enjoy tales such as Psycho and gritty detective fiction with action-packed endings, then this one’s for you! It’s available now from Skyhorse Publishing via Amazon and all the usual outlets.

Described as “a classic horror novel where nothing goes the way you want it to, where no one acts the way you want them to, and where no one—and I mean no one—is safe” by bestselling author Willow Rose (the Emma Frost series), David Jester’s This Is How You Die is “a tale of unrelenting horror. A merciless story told with style and savage grace.

Sign us up! And here’s to a very Happy Halloween weekend for everyone. Stay safe out there… you never know how you might die!

Herman isn’t like other teens his age. He isn’t like the academic elite, the geeky students who get all the grades and are adored by their teachers. He isn’t like the extroverts, the socially adept and popular kids who never want for anything and always have a shoulder to cry on. And he isn’t like the bullies, the ones who taunt and beat him on a daily basis. Herman isn’t like any of his peers, or indeed anyone he knows. The person Herman identifies with the most, the person he idolizes and yearns to be, is The Butcher, a brutal and prolific serial killer.

Following yet another beating by the kids he despises at a school he hates, Herman returns home to his inconspicuous existence with his solitary, silent, and coldhearted father. But life for Herman is about to change. The shackles that have held him to mediocrity and anonymity are about to be broken. Not only does Herman discover his father has died, but on further examination, he also discovers his dad was The Butcher, the very man whom everyone had feared and he had worshiped.

Life had been cruel to his father and death had been cruel to his legend, but Herman decides that he will carry on his father’s work. He may not have his father’s experience, but with a little practice, Herman knows he can become the man in the shadows, the thing that everyone fears.

Now, if only Homicide Detective Lester Keats would just leave him be…

thisishowyoudie - Best Books of the Halloween Season #10: This Is How You Die



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