Hellraiser Expert Paul Kane Celebrates 20 Years with Shadow Casting


jack6.140x9.210.inddI’m sure I speak for many horror fans when I say that Paul Kane’s Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell is one of the best books of 2016. Who’d have thought the universes of Sherlock Holmes and the Cenobites would complement each other so well, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Even Clive Barker has bestowed the accolade of “Hellraiser expert” on Kane, and it’s a deserved moniker.

In addition, Kane also wrote one of the best comics of the year with the thought-provoking, Lovecraft-inspired body horror The Disease. The story depicted a man with an untreatable disease which causes his body to decompose, but there’s something far bigger afoot which will see humanity return to its roots.

Now the workaholic writer is back with a special release to celebrate his 20th year as a successful writer, and it sounds like another essential read.

From the Press Release:
Short, Scary Tales Publications (SST Publications) owner Paul Fry is very pleased to announce the publication of a very special collection from bestselling author and editor Paul Kane (the sellout hit Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell, Hooded Man, Hellbound Hearts, Monsters).

‘One man’s dangerous addiction leads to a glimpse of another world, while another seeks total mastery over his own bodily functions. As two immortal godlike creatures in charge of balancing all of existence come to a crossroads with their relationship, another person has to face the fact that he only has a short amount of time left to live. And while a sleepy English village hides one terrifying secret, the mystery of a famous horror writer’s success turns out to be the result of another… Including the award-winning ‘A Chaos Demon is for Life’, ‘Dead Time’ – which was turned into an episode of the NBC/LionsGate primetime series Fear Itself – and ‘Rag and Bone’, selected for The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, this collection gathers together some of Paul Kane’s best fiction and celebrates his twenty years as a professional writer. With an introduction by the bestselling author of Furnace and The Ancient, Muriel Gray, and stunning cover art from the award-winning Vincent Chong, this is a very special commemorative book that no collector or genre fan will want to be without.’

Plus every person ordering the limited edition will receive a copy of the short film Confidence, which Paul scripted – starring Simon Bamford (Hellraiser, Nightbreed, Starfish) and directed by the award-winning Mike Clarke (A Hand to Play, Paper and Plastic).

SST Publisher Paul Fry says: “It’s an honour to be able to publish this very special commemorative collection to celebrate Paul Kane’s twenty years as a professional writer. All of the stories collected are very strong and represent Paul’s best work to date. If you’re already a fan of Paul Kane, or are new to his work, you will love the stories he’s chosen for this special book. It’s a must-have addition to your book collection!”



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