New Game Will Leave You Feeling Disturbed


Inspired by real-life horrors of depression and addiction, the free-to-play game Disturbed has launched on Steam, and it looks like one hell of a mind fuck.

From the Press Release:
Disturbed is an adventure/horror visual adventure, inspired by experiences of depression and addiction. All visuals are hand-drawn to express personality and a sense of horror.

Enter the Darkness:
Play as a farmer who struggles to manage a failing farm. You come to a point where there is no more hope, and you must do something. You figure that you will die and it is just a matter of how and where. What difference is there to make? What can a simple farmer do? Only you can answer these questions.

A Hopeless World:
Disturbed is powered by the Ren’py Engine, using default settings which help aid the game’s atmosphere. Visuals are 800×600 resolution by default, something that may not happen again for future games.

Solve Puzzles:
Disturbed includes various puzzles in which the player needs to obtain items and use them at specific places. There is no inventory system however, which makes this experience unique. Because of this, areas and objects react differently depending on whether the player has a specific item or not. This also happens for some of the conversations in the game.





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