Exclusive Update on the Asphyx Remake and First Concept Art for The Sorcerers


Producer Jonathan Sothcott dropped us a line today regarding the remake of Peter Newbrook’s 1972 classic The Asphyx as well as the first word and concept art for the next film on the burner, The Sorcerers. Dig it!

With regard to The Asphyx Sothcott says, “Essentially, last week my partner, Billy Murray, and I sat down with writer/director Matthew McGuchan and ripped our story apart in order to put it back together again and make the film we really want to. What we had was (like the original) a personally-motivated version of Frankenstein – and while it was a quality piece of writing, it wasn’t quite what we want to give audiences. The Asphyx is a film I want to be judged on – I’m really proud of some of the others, but this one needs to be the special one. Where we are now is having Dr. Christina Swann in a hospital trying to isolate the soul … when she meets Daniel, a young paramedic who can see spirits as they leave the body … and together they embark on a terrifying journey into the supernatural. Matthew’s busy writing the new draft now, and I guess we’re looking at first quarter of 2011 to film, once Danny Dyer has finished Age of Honour. I want this project to be special for Danny and for the incomparable Alison Doody. I’m forever reading on the Internet that she turned down everything from Basic Instinct and Carlito’s Way to Batman and Robin and Lord of the Rings. I want Asphyx to be a film that deserves Alison.

Sothcott continues, “Once Matthew finishes the next draft of The Asphyx, he moves on to an even more daunting remake – The Sorcerers. This was always one of the most compelling and intelligent 60s Brit horror films, hamstrung by a budget of about fifty bucks. The idea of the old living vicariously through the young is utterly brilliant, and this will be an amazing vehicle for Danny Dyer in which he can show the huge range I know he has as an actor. In an ideal world I’d almost like to get these two shooting back-to-back in 2011.”

Check out the first ever concept art for The Sorcerers below, and look for more on both films soon!

First Concept Art for The Sorcerers

First Concept Art for The Sorcerers

First Concept Art for The Sorcerers

First Concept Art for The Sorcerers

First Concept Art for The Sorcerers

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