Clown Arrested in Kentucky


The recent outbreak of people being terrified by crazies dressed as clowns has now reached the breaking point, with one of the makeup-wearing fiends finally being arrested.

Twenty-year-old Jonathan Martin was taken into custody by police after he was found lurking around an apartment complex in Middlesboro, Kentucky, in full clown costume. He’s currently being held at the Bell County Detention Center under the charges of “wearing a mask in a public place and disorderly conduct.”

Looking at the dude’s mugshot below, I really don’t know whether I should feel sorry for him or be glad that he’s been apprehended. In all seriousness, if it turns out that he really did nothing more serious than dress as a clown to try to scare people, I hope that they go easy on him rather than try to make him into an example.

As of late, North and South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia have also been plagued with clown sightings, so expect many more arrests to happen in the near future. Maybe they just feel emboldened because this year the biggest clown of all managed to become the Republican nominee for President?





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